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  • Bible Promises for Men: God's Answers for Life's Questions (Inspirational Book Bargains).

I created The Blazing Center and have written some books which people seem to like. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If you benefit from the site, would you consider being a supporter? Thank you for sharing these Bible verses that remind us that God is with us in the darkness and has not left us alone. Your thoughts on the passages are also encouraging. May God continue to bless you and all His people who struggle with dark days of depression with His comforting care. Thank you Steve for these great, encouraging Bible verses.

There is power in the Word, the sword of the spirit. Thanks for these words. I am in a very dark place right now. Is one of those days that my world looks so bleak. I do find hope and healing in these words but I feel so down. I pray these words bring hope to that bleakness. Especially appreciated the reminder that these verses are true of those in Christ even when our feelings say otherwise. Thank you! Nothing new. I know the God that spoke them.

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Truly, His Word is alive and does not return void! I lost my oldest son to suicide last year. He too was a Christian. Those verses about catching you when you fall and being held in His right hand have taken on a different meaning for me as I picture how he caught my son and now safely holds him, free of mental anguish. Oh man. I am SO sorry to hear that. It breaks my heart. I pray God uses these verses to comfort you…. Thank you so much for the inspirational message. With your permission I would like to share these thought with our congregation on Sunday morning.

Please let me know if this would be in order. Jonathan Els.

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South Africa. I cried like a baby while reading these scriptures and your comments. If only I could remember that our God is faithful, loving and merciful. Although I already am aware of these scriptures, they will now hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for putting these verses in one place.

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I have a friend who needs to hear the works of God, but his family is not religous. Can you help me? Theses verses did nothing for me. Like literally nothing. They are promises that until fulfilled leave you wondering what is going on. These verses dont inspire me or encourage me to hold on. They feel empty despite my belief they are true.

So happy I found this.

12 LIFE GIVING Bible Verses To Conquer Depression and Hopelessness

It helped me find strength to get out of bed. It feels often times like no one understands but your commentary between the verses showed me that you understand.

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  5. I appreciate your post, Stephen. There is such a need for this message now, that God embraces those dealing with deep loss and mental illness and that he suffers when they suffer.

    Hello, Very nice and informative article. I was also suffering from depression during my college days. But now feels good after so treatments. Thanks for this wonderful guide. This helps me a lot to learn. I also did my research on anxiety I hope you love to read. As you are senior I hope you leave your precious comment on my research. My husband and I are going to visit a neighbor who attempted suicide. I have been in prayer for her since I found out and wanted to bring her specific verses to help her.

    Thank you for your helpful perspective and passages. I have printed them out and will be sharing them with her today. I am also going to write her a letter to let her know that I will be continuing in prayer for her and that we are here for her with love and friendship. This is really a wonderful page to come across. Out of the blue this evening, I experienced the throws of depression.

    I just started crying. I feel like the whole world hates me; even had visions of suicide. I know that God loves me, and Jesus watches over me. I pray for everyone who is experiencing the same feelings. God bless us all. Thank you for these encouraging scriptures. My Aunt passed away and I had a hard time dealing with her death.

    Thank you again for these scriptures which I will keep and read. God bless you! I have been dealing with depression in an increasing way these last few years, and especially this last month. I am even grateful God let you share my same suffering, so you could help me and a lot of people out there.

    Thank you for helping me understand my own situation and for not minimizing it not asking me to be more spiritual or asking me to believe things I already know but they are hard to fathom in my depression. Thanks for this article, am totally relieved. And also thank you for the scriptures you shared with that there is a way out depression. Only God is there one to one with that person if even in their mind they proclaim the name of Jesus and ask for help.

    There is a song that says Just say Jesus, and sometimes that is all I have for words is just saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus……May the Lord reach out to those in need. Admiring the commitment you put into your site and in depth information you provide. Fantastic read! Thank you. These verses brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the scriptures and pray all of us find comfort in Gods words and love.