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The destination is entirely your call. Running The Skeptical Gauntlet - Dr. The voice of a skeptic is a matter of perspective: do words of skepticism come from an external voice, such as those expressed by Dr. Bryan Farha, or do they arise from our own duality -- best described by the yin and yang of Chinese philosophy? In part 2, Dr. Farha discusses his television appearance on the Larry King show with psychic Sylvia Browne.

Are we advocating any one side of the paranormal -- pro or con? The answer is "no" Links to Dr. The sixth sense, often referred to as intuition, collects information is its most pure and literal form unlike the other 5 senses and cannot be filtered by "thinking" the answer.

Carl Sagan

To do so, say psychics, runs the risk of adulterating the message. But who is to say exactly what reality is? We ask that you judge for yourself whether scientific examination takes a seat at the board room, along with intuition and personal encounters. Our guest today, professor Bryan Farha, editor of the critical thinking anthology, Pseudoscience and Deception: The Smoke and Mirrors of Paranormal Claims, will be here to discuss a life time of inquiry into the world of paranormal phenomenon Links to Dr.

Claims of life after death and psychic ability is often discredited by the skeptic community as fraud, and even worse: "pseudoscience". But to parapsychologist and fellow researchers at The Rhine Research center, an objective mindset must prevail -- so let the exploration of unusual experiences and exceptional phenomena in a laboratory environment commence at once! In many cognitive science circles, it is believed that one's personal verdict of reality arises from the interplay between our prearranged inner biases AND what we actively view from the outside.

If true, does this mean that our own paranormal observances are -- by definition, willful hallucinations?

Intriguing thought.. In this episode part 1 of 2 we discuss the poltergeist phenomenon and how the power of the human mind can effect the physical environment we interact with! The Liminal Being: "To thine own self be true Think of Marianne Cantwell as a business "priestess": one who helps business leaders craft and forecast their own careers.

Is Marianne all about business? Not at all! In this episode she discusses how, in addition to discovering our true calling, a liminal mindset allows us to experience the wonderment of otherworldly experiences. Have you been covering up your inner weirdness and true desires to satisfy society's expectations? Marianne Cantwell, noted TED Talk speaker and author of "Be A Free Range Human", is dedicated to helping people open their eyes to the world of liminality -- the thoughtful practice of discovering and applying our inner talents and desires in efforts at a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Chances are that if you enjoy our podcast, I'd say "yes"! Later on in this episode, Ronald Murphy and James Poston, our in-house horror movie expert, discuss vampire movies past and present, good and Does the ancestral memory of man still hold remnants of yesteryear's bogeymen? Taking a page from the works of psychiatrist Carl Jung, many researchers believe that cryptids and accounts of seemingly impossible creatures are not beyond the realm of reality: they auditioned for, but never quite got the part in a movie known as evolution.

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Today we speak with cryptozoologist Ronald Murphy, author of the new book: "On Vampires". As you will soon learn, the "vampire" figure represents FAR more than what we have seen in the cinema -- it has profoundly influenced the cultural history of civilizations for thousands of years. A fortunate confluence of environment Ron is a native of western PA -- home to legends such as Bigfoot and natural curiosity jump started Ron's worldwide trek in search of the "'other': creatures of the periphery, who haunt the liminal regions of our civilized world ".

Hollywood Una live -- The Oman House. More specifically - he is an owner with many "silent partners", ones who often take occasion to interact with the more open minded among us. Abutting "The Raw Mountain" -- a region of intense geomagnetic fields and deemed sacred by Native American tribes -- Dave's Cielo Drive residence also happens to be located within shouting distance of the notorious murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate. In this episode, David opines on the culture of Hollywood and interactions with famous celebrities -- both while alive and posthumously! Author and researcher, Max Kiejzik provides details supporting extraterrestrial structures on Mars.

In part 2, Max introduces the concept of "sacred geometry" -- an interconnectedness between man's existence and the whole; an encoded reminder of the sacred foundation of all things created. Our guest today, Max Kiejzik, author of "The Crux of Cydonia", has spent decades decoding the mesa-like structures located within the Cydonia region of Mars. To some, this region is simply the product of past ice and water progressions but to others like Max, it is an extraterrestrial graphing calculator with its own built in functions for determining a prosperous and enlightened future.

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The question then becomes: can the past decode our future? Robert Bitto from the Mexico Unexplained podcast decodes mysteries from south of the border. Robert Bitto from the Mexico Unexplained podcast presents mysteries from a sometimes-ancient perspective: Mexico! Do the spirits of ancient Mexico continue to visit and influence the modern world?

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Expect the unexpected in Mexico! Returning is one of the best educators this show has ever featured -- psychic medium and comic, Lindy Baker. An educator is one who helps others discover and develop skill sets within themselves. Aside from the inevitable stories that always happen on this show, she will show us how to conduct our own self-check body scans, define what a psychic vampire is and perhaps most importantly -- answer the question: "just what are and is it possible for anyone to develop psychic abilities?

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Dark Photography With Jason Guffey. Wandering lost in ideas and with no way to harness them in a way he saw fit, Jason began searching for a darker style photography outlet to express himself. Searching the interwebs, Jason saw what he observed as the perfect images and expression. He found this in his now friend, idol, and mentor's work, John Santerineross.

Join us as we explore the world of dark imagery with a dedicated enthusiast of the paranormal. And now, in place of recreational experimentation for its own sake are transformations in the treatment of mental illness and new ways of understanding human consciousness.

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Erika Dyck, Ph. Fifty years after the turbulent 's, LSD research is rebounding and we are in a new 'psychedelic renaissance'. Professor Erika Dyck offers a unique perspective on LSD's history and its current promise as a major weapon against mental illness. In fact, as you'll learn, several of its fourteen "residents"often view the living as the day's entertainment. Most of us run from a common opponent capable of delivering a first round knockout: a poor self image! In part two of Dimensions of the Unexplained -- parapsychologist, ghost hunter and author of "Mind Over Matter", Loyd Auerbach, discusses the questions - "can we tap into the stream of future events and alter them to our preference" and "can the mind move objects with definite size and mass?

In a nutshell: Loyd's passion is to examine phenomena that transcends the known physical laws of nature. Visit his public speaking site at www. Today's tale of the odd and strange comes from a location we all know; where it's own inhabitants excel at delivering drama, foibles and sometimes.. Now in its third edition, Gregg's book -- to paraphrase its own description -- " Today we speak to a former law enforcement professional who, while studying human behavior gone awry, crossed the rubicon into a paranormal realm few of us perceive.

The Bigfoot Mystery Part 2 of 2. Acclaimed investigator Eric Altman presents theories on the habits, location, appearance and even the credibility of Bigfoot's existence! Afterwards, he gives details on the premier paranormal event of The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure. Proceeds from this three day event will be going to children's charities. The Bigfoot Mystery Part 1 of 2.

This statement is a paradox.

Within the paranormal community resides a dedicated cadre of enthusiasts determined to shed light on and solve one of its most glaring puzzles: Bigfoot. Today we speak to the acclaimed Bigfoot researcher, cryptozoologist and field investigator, Eric Altman. Eric is here to relay fascinating case details of his greatest passion -- in search of Bigfoot. Largely hidden by today's ubiquitous landscape of business parks, shopping malls and suburbia is an alternative dimension Today's guest, Jacob Krejci, aka "The Carpetbagger", is one of a new breed of video blog enthusiasts who dive head first into that which lies just beneath the surface of convention.

Paranormal Podcasting With Jim Malliard.

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  • Predictions Join us as we speak to California's own, Lindy Baker. Physicians' Untold Stories. Scott J. K0lbaba, a well respected physician with over thirty years of experience, has been witness to many unexplained events that science yet has no answer for: "dead" patients seeing themselves on the operating table; undeniable signs of gratitude from deceased patients; recoveries that "shouldn't have taken place", et al. Join Dr. The Ghosts of Perry County. Nestled amongst beautiful, undisturbed hills and mountains is an area less removed from steam train and canal days than you would be comfortable with -- that is, unless you choose to live in a county with just two traffic signals -- Perry County, Pennsylvania.

    Today we speak to Cove Paranormal Research Society -- a para-historical research team working with other investigators, authors, and historians in efforts to prove that "History is Everywhere. The events of the past surround us".

    Life in the Valley of Death

    What's Behind Viral Videos? Many people dismiss social media as fertile ground for those who create factoids: unreliable information being repeated so often that it sometimes becomes accepted as fact. How does this bode for viral paranormal videos and stories?