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Which spawned the character of Bathsheba, our narrator. Young, but tough. Moreover, a strikingly different kind of intellect and emotions than a human might have. What happens when they get close to the surface? And then the illustrations! Good God. I can barely draw a stick figure, and the beauty and breadth and drama that Rovina Cai has brought to this book — in much the same way the genius Jim Kay did on A Monster Calls — are astonishing to me as things I could never have thought of.

She took the story to a whole new level. Bathsheba is alive and on the page. To boot I won a bottle of wine for my costume, which was validating. Fun race all around.

The costumes, the energy of the crowds and the fellowship among runners gave the event a very positive vibe. One good thing about the course is that, on three different occasions, the runners pass each other on out and back runs. This creates a nice feeling of community, which is a big reason I run in road races. Obviously disappointing to have to wait for acurate times to be posted, especially when you run faster than your goal as I did. With a little tweaking, this will be one of the most popular road races if the year in our region ScottByers said:.

Timing issues aside, this was a great race. I flew up from Miami for Halloween in Salem and registered for this race during the end of the week. The course was fantastic, including tons of water views and a portion of the race that sent us through the edge of the docks with a Devil waiting for us in the middle.

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I have been warned that on the way there are beautiful she-devils who trap people who can't resist the desires coming from their own five senses. Then they kill their victims and eat them while their blood is still hot. It is far too dangerous for you. I will rely only on myself and travel alone. But the five would not listen. They said, "If we go with you, oh prince, we will force ourselves to keep from looking at those beautiful she-devils.

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We will accompany you to Takkasila. The she-devils were waiting for them in Devils Woods. They had already magically formed beautiful villages and cities with lovely houses and palaces along the way. It just so happened that one of the prince's five servants was easily enchanted by the sight of the curves and figures of the bodies of women.

Chase the Devil

So he began to fall behind in order to admire them. The worried prince asked. Then I will catch up with you. Don't chase after them! Nevertheless, blinded by the temptation of the sense of sight, the man replied, "My lord, I can't turn away.

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Whatever will happen, let it happen! The one who remained behind went closer to the beautiful looking forms he was so attracted to. After pleasing themselves fully with the man, the she-devils killed him and ate him on the spot! Then they went farther into Devils Woods and created another mirage of a beautiful mansion. They sat inside and began singing the sweetest melodies, accompanied by the lovely sounds of all kinds of musical instruments.

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One of the prince's followers was enchanted by the sound of beautiful music. So he too fell behind and was gobbled up by the still hungry she-devils. Farther down the road they created another magic mansion filled with the scents of all kinds of divine perfumes. This time the man who loved sweet smells fell behind and was eaten as well. Next the she-devils created a fabulous restaurant filled with foods having the most heavenly flavors.

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Here the lover of the tastes of the finest delicacies wandered in and was devoured in turn. Then the she-devils went still farther down the road, created soft luxurious beds and velvet couches, and sat on them. The last of the prince's followers was one who loved the touch of the softest fabrics and the most luxurious comfort.

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