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Pearl crafts a fictional murder mystery involving a group of Harvard professors in Cambridge circa several of whom would later become founding members of the Dante Society of America. As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow works on his translation of the Divine Comedy for an American readership, the group is beset by a series of murders that appear to re-enact scenes from Inferno. Addison, Catherine. Ahern, John. Considers how Dante originally promoted and circulated his works, while examining the physical attributes of the early manuscripts and how they were received at the time of their copying.

Baranski , Zygmunt G. Barolini, Teodolinda. Progresses far beyond the presentation of women in traditional courtly poetry as inactive individuals, Dante develops an image of woman who is more integrated with the world and its culture.

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Bartoli, Lorenzo. Beaudin, Elizabeth A. Boitani , Piero. Borges, Jorge Luis. Bloom q. Botterill, Steven. The enduring meaning of Paradiso , if not its every word, should be considered mystical in nature.

Carugati , Giuliana. Contends that Dante uses erotic and romantic language in Neoplatonic ways in order to present ideas that have long since been forgotten by the Church, concluding that when Dante thinks of God, he thinks of a woman. Cestaro , Gary P. Departing from a consideration of the scholarly treatment of sodomy in Inferno , Cestaro argues for a more theoretically-informed understanding of the subject within the modern context.

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Cornish, Alison. Cuzzilla, Tony. Durling , Robert M. Fosca, Nicola. Gorni, Guglielmo.

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Gragnolati , Manuele. Hawkins, Peter S. The authors trace the influence of Dante on twentieth-century poets, focusing on the remarks of T.

Herzman , Ronald. Hipolito, T. Hollander, Robert and Heather Russo. Holmes, Olivia. Iannucci, Amilcare A. Contends that the magnitude of the calamities atop the mountain of Purgatory serialized in Purgatorio suggests Dante must have believed that the end of time was near. Kay, Richard. Kleinhenz, Christopher.

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Levenstein, Jessica. Luzzi, Joseph. Martinez , Ronald L. Compares Florence with Jerusalem as cities destined for a kind of divine destruction, providing an analysis of a number of cantos that reinforce this idea, in particular Inferno 19 and 23, and Purgatorio 20 and Mazzotta , Giuseppe.

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Merrill, James. Noakes, Susan. Nohrnberg, James. Pappot, Gemma. Pertile, Lino. Answering his own question, the author argues that what is punished in Hell and purged in Purgatory bears no resemblance to the love experienced in Heaven, which extends beyond time and space. Picone, Michelangelo. Psaki, F. Sanna, Ellyn.

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    Storey, H. Examines how the work of professional scribes and manuscript copyists resulted in modifications of the original text for an number of different reasons, including the need to accommodate the desires or needs of a commissioning patron, a specific readership audience, or even the copyist himself. Thompson, Andrew. Vettori, Alessandro. Wallace, David. Webb, Heather. Wei, Yeo Wei. Reviewed by:.

    Theodore J. Cachey Jr. Albert Russell Ascoli, Speculum 78, No. Boldrini, Lucia. Boyde, Patrick.

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    Steven Botterill , Speculum , 78 , Bruni, Francesco. Le parti e il bene comune da Dante a Guicciardini. Bologna: Il Mulino, Dino S. The Dante Encyclopedia. Christopher Marlowe. Francisco de Quevedo. Salman Rushdie. Tony Kushner.