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Nor is it clear that mystery and inaccessibility are desirable features of a liturgy intended to nurture us into mature followers of Jesus Christ, who are entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation and who have received every spiritual gift. Apart perhaps from the Book of Revelation, the New Testament gives no encouragement to the aesthetic enhancement of worship, no special instructions about the use of unfamiliar languages, complex poetic scripts, distinctive architecture, sophisticated music, iconography or statuary.

These can enrich worship, no doubt, but they can also distract, distort, obscure and, at worst, generate a fetishism that has nothing to do with the Great Commandment or the Great Commission. I do not believe the mass abandonment of Catholicism after the council was chiefly a reaction against the new liturgy.

The True Mass vs Black Mass

Younger Catholics and non-Catholics who are attracted to the aesthetic joys and richness of the Tridentine liturgy have missed something else, too. Many chafed under a spirituality that treated the faithful like ignorant children subject to the strictures of a punitive God.

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For some, these things could never be unwound from the liturgy around which they revolved. That is not the whole story, of course. Plenty of people had good and wholesome experiences of the preconciliar church, and these are not to be discounted. But I do not believe the mass abandonment of Catholicism after the council was chiefly a reaction against the new liturgy. They have far more in common with George Carlin than with the disgraced schismatic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Further, advocates of restoring the Tridentine liturgy over the last 40 years have also advocated for the return of a preconciliar culture, theology and mindset. They often believe fervently that the Second Vatican Council is at best an aberration and the vernacular liturgy an abomination.

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They have not advocated the extraordinary form as an expression of liturgical diversity in the body of Christ but as a beachhead from which to recapture stolen territory. The briefest perusal of the paper and electronic publications of the mutually-hostile Societies of St. Pius X and St. Pius V finds powerful, if extreme, examples.

I left the church not because of which liturgy was being celebrated, but because of who was and was not permitted to celebrate it. The pleasures of the Tridentine liturgy are considerable, and in a different universe I could imagine enjoying them regularly. But the dangers of the Tridentine liturgy are also considerable. It was the center of an ecclesial culture that younger Catholics may know little about and could probably not tolerate. Behind the movement for its restoration stand forces that many modern Catholics might find considerably destructive.

Correction: Dec. What is this? Heresy Review or Jesuit Review? God forgive me but we Catholics deserve attacks from everybody because we are first who display voices of anti-Catholic myths and hysteria. I am married too and my wife wasn't Catholic but we married in the Church. Leaving the Church,change it with some organization founded by people and condemn my soul to eternal damnation wasn't option. I love my wife but I love God too.

Bellatores retired soldier from Croatia. It's the Jesuit review. Where people can discuss actual challenges within the Church without throwing around ridiculous assertions of "heresy" when heresy isn't present. What is it with neo-Evangelicalists throwing around "heresy" whenever someone says something they simply disagree with, but is not theological heresy. No it's not. It doesn't matter are you member of Christ's Church or some "church" with vipers,married homosexual "bishops" or followers of "angel" from US hills.

Well, Maybe we can take your views seriously when you first use grammar in an intelligent way. Your title should read "AN ex-catholic Quaker There, Their, They're. I took his views seriously.

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Don't forget. Not everyone is perfect like you. I am glad the Latin Mass went away and I would be happy to see it remain in the past. With the priest facing away from the people and mumbling in Latin, the Mass was hard to pay attention to and therefore kind of meaningless. The Latin Mass now is associated with those who love clericalism and Phariseeism. Latin Mass may have been the best that was available at one time, but Mass in the vernacular is far better. Having the Latin Mass available only divides the church. The Holy Father asks, "Who am to judge?

Because some seek the Lord differently? Consider the true meaning of the full and active participation in the liturgy called for by Vatican II.

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Is there no virtue at all to the notion that priest and people together face Our Lord in prayer? Or is it all about us after all?

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The Church is big enough for more than one form of the liturgy - we would not, I hope, condemn our Melkite and Byzantine rite brother and sister Catholics just because they don't worship as some might demand. The Church used to pray in one language - Latin - does having the Novus Ordo in many languages divide the Church? Or is the problem just with the traditional Mass? There are Catholic perspectives other than your own, and I hope you make room in the Church and in your heart for those who seek the Lord in a different way.

God bless you. Lisa weber I guess If the Vatican II was not inspired I always said that we should be careful not to act like St.

The Satanic Temple Holding a Charity Drive ‘Black Mass’

You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns" Mt Ecumenism must be embrace as God's Loving Mercies for us all God bless! Who can take anyone seriously when they turn their back on the body ,blood,soul and divinity of Christ truly present in the Eucharist in both the traditional and Novo Ordo mass , to join a protestant sect. I will never understand that.

It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. One thing everyone should get clear is the question,"Do you need the Catholic Church OR does it need you? I was an altar boy during Latin Mass times. The sermons, gospel readings were all in vernacular. I treasure the education from association with Latin though. Case in point is the word "Bible". Is it derived from Latin or Greek? In my discussions with other faiths i have learned how little they understand about these books gathered into a collection or library.

A Call to Action to Stop Yet Another Black Mass

But biblioteca spanish for library or bibliotheque french for library makes it clear that it is a "Holy Library". Judicial terms, scientific terms, astrological terms,botanical terms et. So the church being universal used Latin.